About us


Vang Vieng's Most Unique Accommodations

Lisha Grand Hotel is a juxtaposition of modern comfort and classic boutique-style lodging. While the main hotel building is four stories high and boasts a modern aesthetic, the boutique-style villas and restaurant-cafe, by contrast, are traditional wooden structures that are furnished with wooden tables, chairs, and an array of decorates.

We offer a variety of room types for couples, families, and acquaintances. From deluxe double rooms to twin rooms, to VIP suites. Every room type includes amenities like a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi internet, hot rain shower systems, a private garden or balcony, a minibar, and more.


The Story of Lisha

Every so often, the world falls into chaos. Pain, suffering, and death befall all living things on earth. Lisha, a goddess in the heavens, is in deep slumber but hears the cries of anguish and sorrow from the inhabitants below. She awakens to dispel their suffering and agony and peace is restored.

The owner of Lisha Grand Hotel has quite an imagination. The idea that the name Lisha can bring peace to chaos is one that would befit his concept for a hotel in Vang Vieng, which is a destination known for adventurous activities that leaves travelers drained by day’s end. This is where a hotel that provides a comfortable bed with an assortment of amenities is necessary.